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Elizabeth Lewis is an independent, dynamic woman and a senior executive in the publishing industry in New York City.  Her professional life is thriving, but her personal life needs a major overhaul.  When she accepts an unexpected photojournalism assignment to New Orleans to cover the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, she meets the powerful, charismatic and prolific 

architect, Grant Bradford. The attraction between them is immediate and electric and she is soon swept up into his world or charm, lavish jet setting lifestyle, soon uprooting her own stability and choosing the lure of love over her career.  But behind Grant’s slick and well-rehearsed façade is the darkness of evil; an abusive manipulator lurking in the shadows with a secret sexual obsession.  Her trusting nature is oblivious to the tactics of his seemingly friendly yet deadly chameleon

 companion, who snakes her way into Elizabeth’s world in ways even her wildest dreams could not have imagined.  

Resilient and strong, she had overcome many obstacles in her hometown —including barely surviving the terror attacks of 9/11—but nothing prepared her for the psychological and physical carnage she would suffer at the hands of Bradford.  Engulfed in this vortex of betrayal, infidelity and lies, Elizabeth loses her sense of self but manages to regain a strength and confidence she was unaware she possessed.  Despite it all, she learns that the pain of a broken heart will never compare to the torment imposed by someone determined to steal your soul.

About the Author

Jeanne Souders, a native of Reading, PA has worked in publishing for over 20 years in New York, New Orleans and Chicago at such companies as Lear's Magazine, Spin, Reader's Digest Special Interest Group, Miller Publishing and Jungle Media Group. Ms. Souders also wrote for online magazines, including and as well as served as editor for New Orleans Living Magazine. She  successfully launched her own online magazine,, both while living in New Orleans. Ms. Souders is an accomplished photographer and a graduate from the French Culinary Institute in New York City.  In addition to being a novelist, Ms. Souders is a publishing  executive and resides in Chicago, IL.

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For more information about the author's fight against video voyeurism, take a look at Women Against Video Voyeurism.



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